COVID-19 Update | Hesed House | Virtual Mental Health Program

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Local COVID-19 Update

Two Naperville public safety employees are confirmed to have cases of COVID-19. One is from the Naperville Police Department and the other from the city’s fire department. These are the first two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in public safety workers in the city. Naperville city staff did not provide a health status for the two affected. As of yesterday Naperville has 121 confirmed cases of COVID-19. One hundred of those are in the DuPage County section of the city and the other 21 confirmed cases of coronavirus are in the Will County portion of Naperville.

COVID-19 Cases In DuPage & Will County

In our local county coronavirus update, DuPage County has 1,165 confirmed cases of COVID-19 including 48 deaths. In Will County 1,259 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, which includes 59 deaths. Illinois has over 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 720 deaths related to the virus.

Hesed House Continues Operations

The state of Illinois is moving Hesed House’s approximately 200 adult guests to a hotel in Schaumburg after two coronavirus cases were confirmed there last week. Hesed House already moved their family shelter program offsite last Friday, and their remaining adult guests will be making the transition today. Hesed House will continue their operations out of the hotel. The plan is for the shelter’s guest to stay for two weeks and extend that time if needed. They continue to serve the public and are accepting donations. For more information you can check out Hesed House’s website.

Virtual Mental Health Program

The Islamic Center of Naperville is parenting with 360 Youth Services to host a virtual mental health seminar for students and parents. The free program will be on April 17 and will provide support to those who are having difficulties during the COVD-19 pandemic. Specific questions can be sent ahead of time through an online portal. The Islamic Center is also holding weekly pandemic support virtual group therapy sessions on Wednesdays, with slots for 10 people each session, through May 6.