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COVID Uptick

According to a DuPage County Health Department, the county saw an uptick in COVID-19 cases following the start of Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan on June 26, and following the Fourth of July weekend. The 7-day rolling average of reported COVID-19 cases went from a low of 33.3 cases per day on June 23 to 65.4 cases as of July 17. The department notes that’s an increase of 96% in less than 4 weeks. There’s also been an increase in confirmed cases in younger age groups. Before July 1, those aged 10-19 made up 5% of total cases. As of July 19, that figure has risen to 18%, a proportionate increase of 260%. Those 20-29 made up 16% of total cases before July 1; now that group makes up 25%, a proportionate increase of 56%. DuPage County surpassed 10,000 total reported cases on July 17.

Ogden 6 to Kendall 11

Classic Cinemas, the owner of Ogden 6, has purchased the Kendall 11 theater in Oswego. The move to Oswego was announced yesterday on the Ogden 6’s Facebook page where they also said they’ll be bringing the Naperville staff to help with the existing staff at Kendall 11. Ogden 6 closed its doors on March 16 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Before the pandemic, the theater was working to relocate because of a new Costco that will be built at the Ogden Mall. Currently there’s no opening date for Kendall 11, but expect when a big blockbuster hits theaters they’ll open their doors.

Growing Hope and Spring Grove Nursery have partnered together to form Planting Peace – Growing Hope 2020. The project aimed to honor eight healthcare workers on the front lines by planting Autumn Blaze Maple trees in their yards. Last week and Spring Grove Nursery planted the trees and it was all smiles for those involved.


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