D204 Hybrid Learning | Young D203 Students to Return | Halloween Nights Lights

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D204 to Offer Hybrid Learning Option

Students at Indian Prairie School District 204 will likely return to school on a hybrid learning model the week of November 2. That means families will have the option of choosing a combination of in school and remote learning, or staying fully remote. Early childhood, elementary, and middle school students will come into school two days during the week, and high schoolers will come in on select Mondays based on their last name and grade level. The district said it would follow health and safety recommendations from the federal, state, and local authorities. Safety measures include disinfecting high touch items, students and staff wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and self-monitoring for any signs of COVID-19. The district will reevaluate its updated return to school plan on October 30.

Younger D203 Students Set for Partial Return

District 203 plans on bringing back its younger students to some in-person learning starting October 20. Early childhood students will be split into two groups, and start off with in-person learning on alternate days. Elementary students will begin with half days on an a.m./p.m. schedule. Mondays will be eLearning days for both early childhood and elementary students. Junior high and high school students will continue with eLearning. But starting October 19, they will begin a block schedule Tuesday through Friday, with longer classes that meet virtually every other day to prepare for Stage 3 of their plan.

Halloween Nights Lights

The Naperville Park District is introducing a new Halloween drive-through experience at Centennial Beach. The Halloween Nights Lights will include themed car games, goody bags for children 10 and under, and plenty of Halloween wonders. The free event is open to Naperville residents only and advanced registration is required. Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow at the park district website.

Lift Your Voice

This Saturday, musicians from all over Naperville will once again take part in Lift Your Voice. It’s a community-wide performance inviting musicians to play a specific melody at 6:30 p.m. from their front porch or yard. Anyone can join with any instrument, or their voice! This is the second Lift Your Voice event, and this time Chicago Symphony trumpeter John Hagstrom will be playing along. More information and the selected music is available on their website.