DUI Crash Bond | Ivermectin Patient Update | Front Street Cantina

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DUI Crash Bond

A DuPage County judge set bond at $500,000 Monday for Brendan Wydajewski, a 22-year-old Naperville man accused of killing three in a DUI crash on October 30. Wydajewski was allegedly driving at 122 miles per hour when he crashed into another car at the intersection of Warrenville Road and Corporate West Drive in Lisle. Authorities say his blood alcohol content was .147 when taken at the hospital. The two people in the car with him died, as did the driver of the car he crashed into. He faces three counts of aggravated DUI causing death, as well as possession of open alcohol by a driver. He’s also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Ivermectin Patient Update

An Edward Hospital COVID-19 patient who was treated with ivermectin after a court order is doing much better, according to a Fox 32 report. His family and their attorney attribute his recovery to the drug.  The family’s attorney said the patient showed almost immediate signs of improvement when ivermectin treatment began.  He is now fully recovered at home with his family.  The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Update

The number of reported active COVID-19 cases in Naperville is now at 660, the highest case count for the city since April 2021.  Positivity rates in DuPage and Will Counties have both gone up over a full point in the past week, with DuPage now averaging at 5.4% and Will at 7.2%. Edward Hospital is currently treating 34 inpatients confirmed to have COVID-19, up from 28 a week ago.

Recount Results

Democrat Bill White has maintained his lead over Republican Bob Grogan in the recount for the DuPage County auditor race, according to a Chicago Tribune report.  White currently has an unofficial count of 58 votes over Grogan, with the original count adding up to a 75-vote lead.  A County Clerk report said the Election Division found no change to the election results, pending a few final legal determinations.  Grogan has not conceded, citing items still in need of review that could stretch into 2022.

Front Street Cantina

Downtown Naperville’s Front Street Cantina is set to reopen December 8.  The casual Mexican restaurant had to close in May 2020 after a water pipe burst and flooded the space, but they’re coming back with a fresh look and an added beer garden out back.

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