DuPage County Precinct Deadline Missed | Coyote Attacks Family Dog | Meson Sabika Tornado Relief

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DuPage County Precinct Deadline Missed

DuPage County Board members missed a deadline to redraw election precinct maps, according to a Daily Herald report. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker imposed a 60-day deadline in November for county boards to set precincts which contain approximately 1,200 people each, along with some placement conditions.  The DuPage County clerk’s office proposed a new map to fit the new law, but the board rejected it in a 10-6 vote last week, and the January 15 deadline has now passed.  Those who voted against the map critiqued what they saw as a lack of input in the process.  Precinct boundaries decide where party committeemen are elected from, as well as polling place locations for voters.

Coyote Attacks Family Dog

A Naperville family’s dog was attacked by a coyote in their own backyard Friday, according to a post on the neighborhood social media site Nextdoor.  The family warned others of the incident, noting their four-year-old beagle-dachshund mix survived the attack and received medical treatment.  The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County says coyotes are common across the Chicago region.  They said people should always supervise their dog and keep them on a leash, even at home.  People who see a coyote more than once while walking their pet should change routes.  Those who encounter a coyote with a small dog should pick up their pet. And cats should always be kept indoors.

Egermann Woods Restoration Project

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is doing a restoration project for Egermann Woods. The project along Hobson Road involves removing invasive species from 87 acres of the land. The mature hickories and oaks will remain untouched. In the current part of the project, crews are cutting and removing invasive trees and shrubs, and carefully applying herbicides so these plants can’t grow back. Residents may also see burn brush piles on site. The Egermann Woods Habitat Improvement Project began this month, and it will take around three winters to complete.

Meson Sabika Tornado Relief

Naperville’s Meson Sabika is serving for a cause today.  The restaurant will donate 100% of the day’s sales to the World Vision and American Red Cross.  The move will assist with disaster relief for the victims of the December tornados that swept through several states across the U.S., including Illinois.

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