Edward-Elmhurst, NorthShore Merger | Monks Cut Ties With Benet | Poutinerie With A Mission

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Edward-Elmhurst, NorthShore Merger

NorthShore University HealthSystem and Edward-Elmhurst Health have officially merged. The new health system will initially be known as NorthShore – Edward-Elmhurst Health. The group will contain nine hospitals, 6,000 doctors and 25,000 employees, and cover an area of more than 4.2 million residents. J.P. Gallagher, the head of NorthShore, will oversee the new health system. Mary Lou Mastro, who was president and CEO of Edward-Elmhurst Health, will serve as CEO of the South Region of the new system.

Monks Cut Ties With Benet Academy

The group of Benedictine monks that govern Lisle’s Benet Academy has announced it will cut ties with the school. The decision comes months after Benet Academy hired a lacrosse coach who is in a same-sex marriage. Benet Academy Chancellor Abbot Austin G. Murphy and school Board of Directors Chairman Dennis Flynn shared the news on the St. Procopius website yesterday, saying in part, “After much deliberation, the monks as a community have discerned that they no longer have the resources needed for the governance and oversight of the Academy.” Lacrosse coach Amanda Kammes had been extended a job offer by the school in September of last year, which was then rescinded after she listed her wife as an emergency contact. After community protest the school’s board of directors reconsidered, and Kammes was hired. Murphy and Flynn said alternatives for Benet Academy’s governance were being studied and the Abbey will continue in its current governing role in the meantime.

Food Truck Rules

The city of Naperville is exploring whether to add regulations to food trucks that operate in city limits. Last night the Naperville City Council discussed the idea of putting new rules into place. Currently, there is no ordinance on the books to regulate food trucks on private property. City officials were prompted to look at the matter after receiving some community input on both sides. City staff intends to report back to council with a look at the best practices and guidelines put in place by neighboring towns.

Becky Anderson Sole Owner

Becky Anderson will become the sole owner of Anderson’s Bookshop. The business, which has been a part of Naperville history for nearly 150 years, had been co-owned by Anderson and her brothers, Tres Anderson and Pete Anderson. Her brothers are now retiring, putting Becky Anderson at the helm. The business took root in Naperville as W. W. Wickel Pharmacy in 1875, and now includes Naperville and Downers Grove stores, as well as a school bookfair division in Aurora and Anderson’s Toyshop here in Naperville. Becky is a fifth-generation Naperville native and says though the business ownership is changing, its philosophy of treating customers like family will remain the same.

Poutinerie With A Mission

Chez Francois Poutinerie is coming to downtown Naperville, and will be the city’s first poutine restaurant. But it’s bringing more to town than an assortment of tasty gravy and cheese curd soaked fries. The business will give employment opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities – a mission close to owner Thi Nguyen’s heart, as her 16-year-old son is autistic. The restaurant at 22 E. Chicago Avenue, Suite 120 plans to open in May or June of 2022.

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