Fox Valley Mall | COVID-19 Meeting | Tax Levies

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Fox Valley Mall

A section of Fox Valley Mall will be reimagined to build a new space with luxury apartments as one of the first phases of the Fox Valley 2.0 redevelopment plan. The new project will convert the former Sears building and parking lot into a residential area. Starting next week, fences and barricades will go up to block off the site. The residential phase is estimated for completion in 2022. More details about the plan, including cost and collaborators will be released in the coming weeks.

COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting

Edward Hospital hosted a virtual community town hall last night to discuss where the hospital and Naperville stand with COVID-19. Health experts said the second wave has presented a different set of challenges to what they faced earlier this year. For example, Edward has enough PPE at this time, but could soon see a shortage of frontline workers, as more are getting sick. Mayor Steve Chirico also spoke and answered a question about a potential mask mandate, saying he felt that would be heavy-handed but it’s something they’re considering. Edward is currently treating 91 inpatients with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

D204 Tax Levy

The Indian Prairie School District 204 board passed its 2020 tentative tax levy last night. The levy has been extended to just over $320 million. While it represents a 4.2% increase from last year the district’s final extension should approximately be 2.87% according to Jay Strang, the district’s Chief School Business Official. Strang also said the average homeowner will experience a 2.3% increase in taxes paid to D204. The board will be asked to make the final decision on the tax levy in December.

D203 Tax Levy

Naperville School District 203 also discussed its tentative 2020 tax levy at its board meeting last night. The request is for around $257 million. If the levy is abated, the average tax bill would increase 2.3% by consumer price index. If the levy is not abated, the average tax bill would increase around 3.4%. D203’s board will also make a final decision on the tax levy in December.


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