Impeachment Rally | City Mission Statement Updated | IHSA Rescinds Districting System

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Impeachment Rally:

Hundreds gathered at the Riverwalk Grand Pavilion last night for a rally calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The Naperville rally was one of many held across the nation, meant to send a message that “Nobody is above the law.” After hearing from speakers, the crowd walked down to Jackson Avenue. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on impeachment later today.

Mission Statement Updated:

Naperville got an update to its mission statement at last night’s City Council meeting. The new statement will read: “To provide services that ensure a high quality of life, sound fiscal management, and a dynamic business environment, while creating an inclusive community that values diversity.” Council voted unanimously to approve the new statement, which notably mentions diversity and inclusion. It’s a response to multiple incidents of racism that have occurred in Naperville over the past few months.

Sustainability Discussion:

This morning, Naperville business leaders gathered at the Municipal Center for a discussion about sustainability. The Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force’s workshop was held to hear business leaders’ perspectives on how they and the city can work towards creating sustainability in Naperville. The group had round table discussions on topics like incentive programs for businesses that are environmentally friendly and ways they can reduce waste. The task force will continue to gather information from businesses and residents before presenting it to city staff in June.

IHSA Rescinds Districting System:

Yesterday the IHSA announced a major decision involving high school football scheduling and conference formation. After another round of voting, over 370 coaches and administrators rescinded the districting plan that was scheduled to begin in 2021. The result of the voting means that regular season scheduling will continue as currently constructed and football conferences like the six team DuPage Valley Conference and Benet Academy’s newly formed 24 team Chicago Catholic Mega Conference do not need to break up.