Invocations to Continue | Utility Scammers | Park District Awarded Grant

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Invocations to Continue

Invocations will stay at the beginning of DuPage County Board meetings. This morning the board voted 11 to 6 in favor of affirming the practice of a prayer at the start of each meeting. Democrat Dawn DeSart initially brought up the question of including the invocation back in December. Many other democrats agreed with her, along with many community members, saying the invocations can make those who don’t practice religion uncomfortable. But some republicans and newly elected Democrat Sadia Covert argued the prayers encourage diversity by including different religions and giving them a platform to inform the public about their background. Among the 24 invocations given in 2018, only one was delivered by a non-Christian. But this year the diversity of invocations has already increased with a Jewish, two Muslim, and atheist speakers. More information about the invocation question can be found in our full news story.


Utility Scammers

The Naperville Police Department is reminding the public to be wary of utility scam calls. The most recent calls were received from residents and businesses, who are receiving calls from scammers who claim to represent the utility company and instruct the recipient to make immediate payment or risk legal action or service interruption. The phone numbers on caller ID appear to be from a reputable utility provider or the City of Naperville. The NPD is reminding residents to stay very cautious when any caller demands payment. The city electric and water utilities will never request payment for delinquent utilities over the phone. If you are a recipient of one of these calls, report it at the NPD’s Online Reporting System or the department’s non-emergency number – (630) 420-6666.


Park District Awarded Grant

The Naperville Park District has received a grant to assist in stabilizing the shoreline of the West Branch DuPage River at Lincoln Greenway. The over 56,000-dollar grant comes from the DuPage County Water Quality Improvement Program, which awards the grant to five recipients each year. Work on the Lincoln Greenway project will include restoring the natural habitat along the 2,000 feet of the West Branch of the river, and it will all begin this summer.