Local COVID-19 Update | Armed Robbery | Drive-By Sendoffs Discouraged

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** The Naperville Police Department would like to clarify their statement regarding drive-by celebrations:

 “To clarify, we are not discouraging individually-organized, small-scale parades to celebrate a birthday or an individual graduate. In fact, we’ve even been participating in some of them! There was an idea floating around to organize a virtual graduation and large-scale drive-by parade that would have included designated picture locations at the high schools. We discouraged that idea due to concerns about social distancing.”

Local COVID-19 Update

The latest Naperville COVID-19 data shows 384 confirmed cases for the city. In the past 72 hours Edward Hospital has had two patients die who were confirmed to have COVID-19, with a total of 34 since the pandemic began. Currently the hospital is treating 43 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and since March 24, 254 patients treated for the virus have been discharged. DuPage County has had 4,615 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 248 related deaths. Will County has reported 3,696 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 202 deaths.

Armed Robbery

Two men are in custody and a woman remains at large after an armed robbery that occurred in Naperville over the weekend. The Naperville Police Department says the suspects broke into a motel room where a woman was staying in the 1617 block of Naperville-Wheaton Road. According to police, the suspects held a gun to the victim’s head as they went through her things and fled the scene. The victim sustained minor injuries. NPD is still searching for the third suspect who’s described as a white female, around 18 to 22 years old, 5-foot-6, thin build with pink eyelashes. Anyone with information is asked to contact the NPD at 630-420-6666.

Drive-By Sendoffs Discouraged

Many have been organizing drive-by celebrations during the stay at home order, but graduating seniors from District 203 will have to find another way to celebrate. According to the Naperville Police Department, the school district consulted the NPD and it was agreed that the idea wouldn’t be manageable and stay within the guidelines of the stay at home order. If you have questions about other ways to safely celebrate this year’s senior graduation, you can call the police department at 630-420-6666.

Elective Surgeries

Beginning today Edward Hospital will resume elective surgeries. The hospital temporarily suspended surgeries that weren’t urgent as a result of the pandemic. All patients will be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their appointment. Those who test positive will need to reschedule. Patients with negative results will still be screened again the day of the procedure. If any symptoms show up, they’ll need to reschedule 14 days out as well. The hospital plans to perform the surgeries and procedures Monday through Friday for the time being.

Blood Drives

The Naperville Park District and Indian Prairie Parent’s Council will host upcoming blood drives. The Park District is again partnering with Versiti Blood Center of Illinois to host the blood drives at the Alfred Rubin Center. The Parent’s Council is also teaming up with Versiti to host their blood drives at all three District 204’s high schools. More information about dates and times can be found on the Park District’s and Indian Prairie School District 204’s website.


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