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Minimum Wage Boost

Illinois’ minimum wage will get a 75-cent bump today. Minimum wage workers will now make $10 an hour, an increase from the previous $9.25. The raise is designed to move the state the next step forward to the eventual hourly rate of $15 by 2025, as legislated by Governor J.B. Pritzker last year. Today’s minimum wage hike is a bit higher in Cook County, which is now at $13 per hour, and in Chicago, where workers will receive $14 per hour.

COVID-19 Plasma Donors Registry

A Naperville company has launched the first national COVID-19 Plasma Donors Registry. Sahave created the tool both as an app and website. It seeks to connect fully recovered coronavirus patients willing to donate plasma with current patients who are in need. Those who would like to donate can register on the site, while plasma recipients can put in requests. Sahave is also working on developing a registry that doctors can use to find plasma for treating COVID-19 patients.

Illegal Fireworks Complaints

Naperville has seen a rise in illegal fireworks complaints for 2020 compared to this same time in 2019. From June 1 to 29 the Naperville Police Department received 37 calls for fireworks complaints as compared to eight in the same time last year – though the department notes that number does fluctuate greatly year to year. Most consumer fireworks are illegal in Illinois. The Naperville Fire Department reminds residents that though sparklers and smoke bombs are legal, they recommend keeping them away from children. Be sure to have a safe way to extinguish sparklers like a bucket of water nearby.

D203 Resumes In-Person Board Meetings

Naperville School District 203 will resume in-person meetings for its school board. With Illinois now in Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan, groups of up to 50 people can gather. The first in-person meeting will be held July 13 at the District 203 Administrative Center.

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