Naperville Now 01-30-2019

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Extremely Cold Temperatures

The deep freeze is here – the forecast high today is just -15 degrees Fahrenheit today, with the wind chill approaching -50 degrees, and it looks like the subzero temps are here to stay until late tomorrow evening. With the dangerously cold temps, the City of Naperville is recommending residents stay indoors or limit time outdoors to as little as possible. Garbage and recycling collection have been canceled for both today and tomorrow. You can stay up-to-date on the city’s cold weather information, including safety tips, garbage pickup rescheduling, and warming center locations at

Frozen Pipes

The cold weather can also mean frozen pipes. Experts recommend keeping a slow stream of water going on faucets served by exposed pipes, and opening cabinets to allow heat from your house to keep pipes warm. If your pipes do freeze, do not use an open flame to heat them up. Instead, use a hair dryer or towels soaked in hot water. Call a plumber if you cannot thaw your pipes out, and if you’re experiencing low water pressure without frozen pipes, call the city dispatch at 630-420-6187.

Ogden Avenue Lane Closures

A water main break has left the westbound lanes on Ogden Avenue extremely icy between Washington and Mill Street. Public Works crews are working on treating the area but road salt is ineffective below 10 degrees. The area will likely remain icy until it warms up this weekend. Motorists are being asked to avoid the area.

DuPage PADS Operating 24/7

DuPage PADS is extending their normal overnight emergency shelter operations to 24-hour shelter during the extreme cold. Their clients will receive transport from the overnight shelter to DuPage PADS Client Services Center to stay warm during the day, and will be transported back to an overnight shelter at night.

Business Closures

If you did want to go downtown today, call ahead to make sure your destination is open. Dozens of businesses not normally closed have shut down today due to the cold temperatures. Some of those include Sparrow Coffee, the Apple Store, and Everdine’s Grilled Cheese Co.