Naperville Now 02-18-19

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Aurora Shooting Vigil

Aurora and surrounding communities gathered yesterday for a vigil honoring the lives lost during last Friday’s shooting that left five men dead and five officers injured from gun fire. Friends, families, and community members came to pay their respects and lay flowers and cards. Several speakers spoke about finding faith in times of tragedy and the importance of praying for all families involved, including that of the gunman, in order to heal. There was also a four-mile procession in which volunteers carried five donated crosses, from the site of the shooting to the Aurora Police Station, honoring the first responders. They presented the department with a flag, which will be available for anyone in the public to sign this week.


Stolen Puppy Found

A puppy stolen from the Petland in Naperville in December has been found in Los Angeles. This weekend the Los Angeles Police Department posted photos of the blue merle English bulldog, whose dognapping is believed to be part of a larger theft ring. They tracked down the thief with the help of the Naperville Police Department who were tracking the suspect’s social media accounts. Yesterday the LAPD posted a photo of the dog’s family, who flew to L.A. to pick up their pup.


Chinese New Year Celebration

It’s the Year of the Pig according to Chinese calendars, and Ray’s Chinese School in Lisle, celebrated the New Year on Saturday by putting on a show for their community. This is the 26th time the school has put on the event, and this year’s performance payed homage to the pig with symbols of good luck and prosperity. Over 1,000 people were in attendance, including leaders from the nearby communities. The Pig is the 12th animal of the 12-year calendar cycle which means next year will be the Year of the Rat.


Lantern Festival

And the Xilin Association celebrated the Lantern Festival this morning in honor of the end of the two-week Chinese New Year celebration. Several honored guests spoke at the event including Chairman of the Xilin Board of Directors Bill Liu, Mayor Steve Chirico, DuPage County’s first Asian-American board member Sadia Covert, and District 203’s first Asian board member Paul Leong. All gathered to celebrate the Year of the Pig – a year of fortune and optimism.