Peace Rally | Active COVID Cases Drop | #HoldenStrong

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Peace Rally

A peace rally was held at Simmons Park in Aurora yesterday. The goal of the event was to share what the black community is looking for and to push for systemic changes. The organizer of the peace rally created a petition and demand letter with those changes including how to remove a name from the Aurora gang database and asking that Aurora police officers reside in the City of Aurora.

Fatal Crash

A man has been charged with DUI and reckless homicide after a fatal crash Saturday in Naperville. Frank P. Qualtier Jr. was driving a 2014 Dodge Ram on Royce Road and crossed into the eastbound lane of traffic where he hit a 2017 Ford Fiesta. The Naperville Fire Department provided treatment to Qualtier Jr., and the 41-year-old male driver of the Fiesta was pronounced dead on the scene. The crash remains under investigation.

COVID Update

After two weekends of outdoor seating, cumulative COVID-19 cases in Naperville have continued at the same pace. However, the city is tracking active cases, which eliminate cases more than 14 days old, and that number has dropped by more than 50%. On May 29, when restaurants opened, there were 135 active cases in Naperville, compared to 63 on June 6, the most recent date for which data is available. There have also been several large protests in the city since then, which also had potential to transmit the disease. The Centers for Disease Control recommend considering getting yourself tested if you’ve attended a large protest.


Family, friends, and neighbors drove by and honked to show their support to 3-year-old Holden Mullen, who has been fighting ATRT, an aggressive type of brain cancer since he was a year old. Though he went into remission, the cancer came back and the family said there are no curative drugs. His family created a bucket list and accomplished one item over the weekend – a car parade! By the end of the parade, Holden was surrounded by his family and a pile of gifts.