Pet Sales Ordinance | Axe Zone Requests Liquor License | D204 Students At Iowa Caucuses

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Pet Sales Ordinance:

Naperville City Council voted 5-4 last night to prohibit commercially bred cat and dog sales in Naperville. The dais has been debating the issue for years and narrowly passed the ordinance, which is commonly referred to as a Humane Ordinance. Pets can still be purchased in the city, but must be sourced from humane and rescue groups. Some on the dais said they feared this ordinance might push people to online sales, where regulations are more difficult to enforce. Others felt the overwhelming support from the public and industry experts for the Humane Ordinance couldn’t be ignored. Naperville becomes the 11th municipality in Illinois to pass such an ordinance. It takes effect January 1, 2021.

SECA Allocations:

Council also unanimously approved the SECA Commission’s 2020 allocation recommendations. The only change was to award Century Walk $50,000 to fund a firemen’s memorial public art project. That money will come from the 2019 SECA underspend. Councilwoman Theresa Sullivan, the council’s SECA liaison, said the organization originally wasn’t awarded any money, not because of their value to the community, but because their application is by nature, very vague about what projects they can fund. Council agreed that Century Walk is a special case and their application process may need to be changed going forward.

Axe-Throwing Lounge Requests Liquor License:

An axe-throwing lounge in Naperville is requesting a liquor license at Thursday’s Naperville Liquor Commission meeting. Axe Zone is asking for the right to serve beer and wine to its patrons, limiting the amount to two drinks per person or one bottle of wine per group. The owner will request a Class M license, which is for recreational facilities.

D204 Students At Iowa Caucuses:

Forty-five Indian Prairie School District 204 high school students got a chance to see democracy in action at the Iowa Caucuses. Though the process itself was flawed this year, with delayed results still trickling in, it was a win for the students, who got to watch at West High School in Iowa City as Iowans chose their preferred candidate. The students were also able to meet some of the candidates and go out canvassing for them. This is the second time students from District 204 have had a chance to go see the caucus process in action, the first being in 2016. The trip was made possible by the Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation, Indian Prairie Educational Foundation, and Naperville League of Women Voters.

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