Polo Club Subdivision Approved | ABC7 Virtual Kidnapping Scam Report | Help Tackle School Threats

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Polo Club Subdivision Approved:

The Polo Club subdivision proposed for the area near Book Road and 119th Street in south Naperville was passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Last night developer D.R. Horton shared their fourth version of the proposal with the group, after first bringing it forward in June 2018. Since then the number of housing units has dropped from 723 to 480. But members of “Plan for Us,” a group formed by neighbors to the new subdivision, still had objections, particularly with safety and traffic issues on 119th Street. Though some commissioners agreed 119th Street still needs some improvement, the proposal was voted through 6-1. It now goes to city council for their consideration.

ABC 7 Report on Virtual Kidnapping Scam:

An ABC 7 exclusive shared the story of a Naperville mom who is warning others after she was targeted by a scammer. The mom, identified as just Jamie, for safety, said she received a phone call from a man saying he had her daughter, with what sounded like crying sounds of a child in the background. Jamie called 911, and the operator let her know it was likely a scam. Both Jamie and officers drove to her children’s school where they were able to confirm they were okay. The FBI says this tactic, called Virtual Kidnappings for Ransom (VKRF) is used by scammers to collect money from scared parents. If you do get a call of this type, the FBI recommends you hang up, try to reach your child on your own, refrain from using your child’s name when on the line with the caller, call 911 from another line, and do not pay the money.

Help Tackle School Threats:

School districts 203 and 204, Aurora and Naperville police and DuPage and Will County officials have penned a letter to the community asking for their support in tackling school threats. Officials note that actions once seen as pranks or an opportunity to get a free day from school can cause real fear, and will be addressed accordingly. They urge parents to take time over winter break to speak with their children about the seriousness of making threats against a school or individual. They also ask the public to follow the “See Something, Say Something, Do Something,” protocol – contacting police or school officials in the case of a threat, while refraining from posting rumors on social media.

Technology In Brewing:

Last night, hub88 brewed up an impressive panel of women for their latest TechTalk. Three Chicagoland craft brewers took the stage to discuss how technology is changing their industry. Lisa Gregor, owner of Church Street Brewing Company, Emily Slayton, co-owner of Skeleton Key Brewery, and Raiye Rosado, the co-founder and president of Rabid Brewing spoke about growing their breweries while maintaining the personal styles that got them into craft beer.