Rally to Open Schools | School Board Meetings | Voter Registration Day

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Open Schools Rally

Hundreds gathered at the “Rally to Open Naperville Schools Now” yesterday at Rotary Hill. Community members and multiple speakers advocated for getting kids back into the classroom and allowing athletes to return to sports, hoping Naperville school districts will listen. After the public heard from the speakers, some marched to Naperville Central where the District 203 school board of education meeting was taking place. The crowd dispersed after being told they couldn’t be on school property.

D203 Board Meeting

Some parents voiced their concerns directly to the board, once again asking for the return of students to the classroom. At the meeting, Superintendent Dan Bridges announced the district is working on getting early childhood to second grade students back to some form of in-person learning in mid-October as part of Stage 2 of their Return to Learn Plan. They plan to phase in third through fifth grade soon after. Junior high and high school students will continue mostly with e-learning in Stage 2 with some in-person learning experiences.

D204 Could Allow Some Students Back

Some schools in School District 204 will start a piloting program that will allow some students to return to school in the coming weeks. The hope is the program will allow D204 to evaluate their health protocols and tweak them if necessary for when they eventually go back to full-time in-person learning. More details about the pilot program will be revealed at the next board meeting. The district will revaluate their return to school plan on October 30.

Car Burglaries

The Naperville Police Department responded to three separate incidents of car burglaries over the past week. They were reported in central and south Naperville in park or fitness center parking lots and were immediately followed by attempts to use credit cards found in the cars. The NPD reminds drivers to never leave valuables unattended in your vehicle, even if it’s locked.

Voter Registration Day

Today is National Voter Registration Day ahead of the November 3 General Election. The League of Women Voters Naperville has set up a drive through voter registration space at the Islamic Center of Naperville to get eligible voters registered and answer questions. They’ll be there from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can check your registration status online at the Illinois Online Voter Application website.