School District Learning Plans | Sandra Bland Vigil | Mall of India

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District 203

District 203 announced its “return to learn” plan at last night’s board meeting. The district decided to offer two options for the start of the school year – either hybrid learning or the newly created online academy. Hybrid learning combines in-person instruction and e-learning and allows for half of the student population to attend school daily. Face coverings need to be worn in school at all times, up to 50 people will be allowed in a space, and buses will be disinfected between routes. Parents can choose the online academy instead which is a fully online school that follows the structure of D203 e-learning model and will be taught by district staff versus home school staff. The board reminds people plans could change as guidance from national, state, and local agencies changes.

District 204

Indian Prairie School District 204 also made its announcement regarding the upcoming school year, which also offers options. Parents and guardians will have the choice between two options – either an A/B/C schedule or the newly created online academy for the start of the school year. Similar to D203’s hybrid learning, the A/B/C schedule will blend in-person and remote learning, with students coming in to school on select days of the week based on their last name. In both options, remote learning will be different from what happened in the spring. Attendance will be taken and work will be graded to determine a student’s final grade. The district said the reopening plan is fluid and could change before school resumes in August.

Sandra Bland Vigil

On the five-year anniversary of the death of Sandra Bland, community members gathered at Rotary Hill last night for a vigil in her honor. Bland was a Naperville native who was arrested in Texas and died in jail. Her death was ruled a suicide, but that was disputed by her family and friends. Speakers at the vigil included Sandra’s sister who said it’s frustrating to continue seeing black lives taken away while in police custody.

Mall of India

Naperville’s Mall of India is scheduled to open at the end of the month. It will be the first indoor mall in the city and the grand opening will feature its grocery store, Indiaco. Seven other stores will open throughout the month of August, with 19 more coming later. A daycare will also eventually open in the mall featuring classrooms, an outdoor playground, and a swimming pool.