Security Camera Registration Program | Little Kitchen Academy | Baby Bison

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Security Camera Registration Program

The Naperville Police Department is asking the public to help them solve crimes by registering their security cameras with the department. The Community Camera Registration Program is a voluntary program in which Naperville residents and business owners can share their camera locations with the NPD. Then, if a crime is committed, police are able to quickly contact camera owners in the area and see if there is any footage that may help them solve the crime. The registration program simply lets the NPD know where cameras are: it does not give them direct access to the camera or its footage. Those interested can register through the NPD’s website.

Harris W. Fawell Honor

Lawmaker Harris W. Fawell now has a room named after him at Fort Hill Activity Center. At Thursday night’s Naperville Park Board meeting, the group officially voted to name multipurpose room four in his honor. Fawell was a champion of fair housing, fiscal responsibility in government and local parks. He’s credited with prompting the creation of the City of Naperville’s policy to have developers donate land or cash to the park district. Fawell died November 11 at his home in Naperville, as the age of 92.

Little Kitchen Academy

Little Kitchen Academy will be bringing its kids cooking classes to Naperville. A press release from the company shared that the Montessori-inspired cooking academy franchise will be expanding into Illinois, with a plan to open locations in Naperville, Chicago and Plainfield. The curriculum aims to empower kids ages three through teen to learn about cooking, smart food choices, and how to use math and science for practical, and tasty purposes. LKA Naperville is slated to open this fall. Further updates and registration information will be posted on the company’s website.

Flashlight Egg Hunt

Last night the Naperville Park District hosted its Flashlight Egg Hunt at Knoch Knolls Park. Kids aged nine to 13 were sectioned off into two groups of 80 to search for eggs in the dark, using their flashlights. Each kid was allowed to collect 20 eggs to then exchange for prizes.

Baby Bison At Fermilab

Fermilab welcomed a new arrival on April 13. A baby bison was born at the Batavia particle physics lab; its first calf of the year. The herd at Fermilab currently contains 32 bison, with up to 20 new calves expected to arrive this year. The public can watch them in action through the lab’s new bison cam. And thanks to the lab recently reopening to the public, the bison can once again be seen in person as well. Bison were brought to Fermilab to represent the prairie frontier of the land, as the scientific frontier is expanded through the lab’s work.