Snowy Halloween | Will County Gas Tax | Anne Frank’s Stepsister Eva Schloss

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Snowy Halloween:

It’s looking a bit more like Christmas than Halloween. But the weather did provide us with a slight “treat” – with more rain and sleet falling overnight than snow, making the job of Naperville Public Works a bit easier. Crews were out as early as 3 a.m. salting arterial roadways, train stations and downtown sidewalks, and removing fallen tree limbs. Leaf pick-up was also able to resume. With snow predicted to continue falling off and on until 4 p.m., the city is continuing to monitor conditions and salt where needed. As roads may be wet and slushy, drivers should use caution. Those out trick-or-treating tonight should also take care, watching for slick spots and any tree branches weighed down by snow that could fall. Residents are asked to clear their sidewalks and salt if needed to help keep trick-or-treaters safe.

Will County Gas Tax:

Will County residents could soon be paying a bit extra for gas. County Commissioner Julie Berkowicz held a public forum last night to discuss a potential County Motor Fuel Tax that could add four to eight cents per gallon when filling up. The tax could bring in between $12 million to $24 million in revenue for the county, which would be used to repair roads, the majority of which are greater than 50 years old. However, most residents at the meeting claimed Will County residents are already overburdened by taxes. DuPage County already imposes a gas tax of four cents per gallon.

Anne Frank’s Stepsister Event:

Last night Eva Schloss, the friend and stepsister of Anne Frank, spoke at North Central College for a special and historic lecture. The Chabad Jewish Center of Naperville hosted the event, where a sold out crowd heard Schloss recall how she became a refugee as World War II began, how she met the Frank family, her nine months living in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, and eventually her liberation by the Russians and reunion with her mother and Otto Frank. She’s travelled the world sharing her story in the hopes of educating more people about the Holocaust and encouraging others to come together in difficult times.

Regional Economic Forecast:

And also last night the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce and Calamos Investments presented their Regional Economic Forecast. Three panelists were on hand at Hotel Arista with the news that our economy is in good shape. That’s thanks to soaring stocks, low interest rates, and low unemployment. But, they said things could change if the president is impeached and if the trade war with China goes sour. The night ended with panelists taking questions from the crowd.