Teen Graffiti Charge | DuPage Board to Reconsider Pot Ban | Possible Harris W. Fawell Recognition

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Aurora Teen Charged with Graffiti Incidents

A teen from Aurora has been charged in a string of graffiti incidents throughout Naperville. Naperville police say there were almost 50 locations around the city tagged with the word “SMILZ” this past September and October. The damage took more than $5,000 to remove and repair. 18-year-old Marcion Carrington was taken into custody on December 7 in connection with the crimes.

DuPage Board to Reconsider Ban on Pot Sales

DuPage County board members are considering whether to lift a ban on retail recreational marijuana stores in unincorporated areas of the county, according to the Daily Herald. At a recent development committee meeting, board member Liz Chaplin said more towns that previously rejected adult-use cannabis sales have now voted to allow the shops. Because of this, she’s asking for the county board to revisit the issue. The board agreed to look at the possibility of removing the ban, according to the paper.

Liquor Commission Special Events Discussion

Yesterday the Naperville Liquor Commission discussed revisions to the city’s special events permits to address what they said were two poorly executed charity-backed events over the summer. The commission aimed to discourage third-party promoters from loosely tying themselves to local charities in order to use their liquor licenses for events. Proposed solutions included making sure the charity is the applicant, receives income, and is responsible for its liquor license for the event. Another idea was to license third party promoters as charity partners before events, requiring them to be trained and familiarized with Naperville’s municipal codes and other rules. The commission ended the discussion by asking city staff and attorneys to form recommendations based on the discussion.

Possible Harris W. Fawell Recognition

A multipurpose room at the Fort Hill Activity Center could be named in memory of long-time lawmaker Harris W. Fawell. Last night the Naperville Park District Parks and Recreation Committee was briefed about the idea proposed by officials from the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. Fawell was a champion of fair housing, fiscal responsibility in government and local parks, among other issues. He is credited with prompting the creation of the City of Naperville’s policy to have developers donate land or cash to the park district. Fawell died Nov. 11 at his home in Naperville. He was 92. The park board of commissioners will review the request at a later date.