10-Year Old Donates Fairy Baskets Money to Local Businesses

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Ten-year-old Jane Temple has been hard at work all summer.

“We sold fairy baskets and Fall pots and then we donated all the money to local businesses Downtown Naperville,” she said.

Fairy Baskets for Businesses

Jane and her mom made about $2,000 selling the fairy baskets, and with the help of the Downtown Naperville Alliance, chose five local businesses to share the proceeds.

“She did a little bit of a combination, at least on this run, choosing some of our longest-lasting businesses,” said DNA Executive Director Katie Wood. “So places like Beidelman, Dean’s, and even The Lantern, but she chose some that are near and dear to her heart like Naper Nuts & Sweets because she’s a little kid after all – she likes candy!”

Those four, along with Pandora all received some of Jane’s fundraising efforts on Wednesday, as she went store to store to deliver the checks herself.

A Day to Remember

“Because of COVID, people were really hit hard because people were starting to lose money and all that kind of stuff,” said Jane.

Wood said that the world could use more people like Jane.

“I’ve worked downtown for over 12 years and this is a day that I will always remember,” Wood said. “The kindness of Jane Temple, what she’s done with her planter project with the sole purpose of helping downtown businesses is truly extraordinary.”

More Work to Do

And she’s not done yet! The past several weeks, Jane has switched to creating Fall-themed pots and is continuing to raise money through her sales. If you’re interested in ordering one, you can contact her mother Shelly on Facebook.

A generous young girl making a sweet gesture.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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