2 Fools Cider Now Selling Soft Serve Alcohol

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Alcohol Soft Serve at 2 Fools Cider

Naperville customers can now enjoy a drink in a new way at 2 Fools Cider.

On Friday they introduced a soft serve alcohol created by Naperville native Will Rogers.

“When people say ice cream, we’re not ice cream,” said Rogers, founder of Below Zero Soft Serve Alcohol. “You can take that straight cider out of the tap, put it in our machine, and that’s what it is. Any mix drinks, beers, wines. Anything, and it comes out on a cone.”

2 Fools is the first cidery nationwide to install the soft serve system.

“Will is from Naperville, he’s a Naperville native. 2 Fools Cidery is in Naperville, they started in Naperville so what a better time to become a partnership with two Naperville natives,” said Samantha Long, assistant taproom manager at 2 Fools Cider.

Personal Fundraising Effort

The release day also served as a personal fundraising effort for Rogers.

“A good friend of mine’s daughter is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” said Rogers. “And right away as soon as we heard we said ‘we’re doing something cool with this’ because she’s a Naperville townie as well. Any way we can give back, I’m there.”

In honor of 13-year-old Lily Solfa, customers were able to purchase a special purple soft serve, using 2 Fools’ Shirley Temple.

The cidery plans on offering at least two flavors a week.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.