2019 Carillon Summer Recital Series

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Though summer hasn’t officially hit yet, the sounds of the season have arrived.

The 2019 Carillon Summer Recital Series began June 4 and Naperville’s own carillonneur, Tim Sleep, kicked things off. From now through August 20 community members can listen and even watch carillonneurs from around the world.

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“There are only 145 guild-certified carillonneurs certified in all of North America,” said Sleep. “And there’s probably only 200-300 in the whole world. So you could only hire people to play if they’re in town.”

Sleep has been Naperville’s carillonneur since 2007 and regularly performs at the Millennium Carillon.

What Music is Played at The Carillon Summer Recital Series?

His summer recital performance included Opera Potpourri, Broadway Medley, and Broadway Potpourri.

“As a change up I decided to do something different,” explained Sleep. “I’m playing only music from Broadway musicals and I’m doing 15 shows in 55 minutes. So it’s going to be an all out straight through, playing a ton of music. We try to pick stuff that will show off our tower, we’re proud of the instrument and we’re proud of the investment that’s here.”

Audience members can get a tour of the carillon after the Summer Recital Series, but tickets for that are limited.

For information about performers, dates, and tour tickets you can check out the carillon’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.