203 Online Learning Update

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District 203’s Board of Education was recently presented with an update on their Online Learning Opportunities program, also called eLo.

2017 saw a rise in online student enrollment for the academic year with 115 students, compared to 22 students in 2016. Summer online enrollment also increased from 236 students in 2016 up to 475 students in 2017.

“The primary reason students participate over the summer, in fact about 96 percent of them last summer is to free up more academic space to take other courses they prefer during the academic year,” said Director of eLo, Kip Pygman. “Whereas the primary reason students enroll during the academic year, about 50 percent of your students this year, indicated they enrolled because they wanted that online experience before they attend college or enter the workforce.”

The online learning report also noted online classes with the most enrollments were U.S. History, Health, and African-American Literature.

The district is looking to add more online summer courses and continue to develop the Online Learning Opportunities platform as interest continues to rise.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.