3D Foot Technology

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A local shoe store is testing new software that helps customers get the best fit.

The Naperville Running Company is using technology called True Form 3D, which takes a three-dimensional scan of your feet.

The machine can measure your foot’s length, width, and volume and recommends specific footwear based on that knowledge.

You can also walk on a pressure pad to help determine how you distribute pressure on each foot.

“Normally when our customer walks through the door we talk about what they’re doing in their shoes. Whether they’re looking for a running shoe, a walking shoe, a shoe just to be on their feet all day, if their feet hurt, we want to make their feet feel better. What this does is just enhance that process,” said Naperville Running Company store manager Marisa Hird.

The software can also create a custom insole for your shoes based on your scan.

This 3D foot technology has only been released to nine stores in the country.

Naperville News 17’s Dimitri Villanueva reports.