Naperville Parks to Receive Updates

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Forum invites public input on Pembroke Commons and Summerfield Lake playground projects.

Some local parks are due for renovation, and the Naperville Park District reached out to the public for their input.

An open forum held at the Planning and Development Office, showcased renovation designs for the Pembroke Commons and Summerfield Lake Park playgrounds – both slated for updates this May.

“The main renovation is updating the playground equipment for the two to five and five to 12 ages,” said Project Manager Jessica Burgdorf. “And also new swings, and site amenities that include trash, recycling, shelter, picnic tables, and benches.”

Those attending could share ideas and help select equipment. The renovations should take about eight weeks to complete.

Ribbon cuttings will be held at each playground once they’re finished.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.