Strength and Honor Luncheon

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Area veterans were recently honored at the annual Strength and Honor Luncheon. The Event serves as a thank you to veterans from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard for their service and sacrifice.

The lunch is put on by Naperville Responds for Veterans, a local charity whose focus is providing home repairs and housing for veterans and their families in need.

In front of over 160 veterans, the largest number in the event’s history, guest speaker Mike Barbour, an army veteran shared emotional stories of his time in Vietnam and the importance of service above self.

“I have personally seen the impact Naperville Responds for Veterans has had for veterans and their families on a daily basis,” an emotional Barbour explained. “When you have veterans come up to you with tears in their eyes and tell you how grateful they are for the projects you did to make their lives easier, it makes you swell with pride to be a member of this fine organization.”

Sponsorship opportunities for the event are sold to allow all veterans to attend free of charge.

If you know of a veteran in need of assistance with home repairs or you would like to know how to volunteer or donate, please visit

Naperville News 17’s Justin Cornwell reports.