A Closer Look Into Animal Anatomy

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Body Trek Camp

These kids aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to get a closer look at the anatomy of animals.

They get that chance at the Robert Crown Center’s Body Trek Camp, which started 24 years ago in Hinsdale to get younger students exposed to the medical and science fields.

And for the eighth year, Naperville students have gotten that opportunity as well.

“For some of them it really either sparks their interest or builds it and it’s been in the past for some they realize it’s not something. So it’s sometimes better to find that out at a younger age than college,” said Lance Williams, health educator at Body Trek Camp.

Dissecting Animals

This year’s week-long camp had 40 eager junior high students who dissected different animals – from bullfrogs to fetal pigs.

The camp, which also has junior counselors, allows them a look into the body systems and where the organs are located.

“So as a junior counselor I really like working with the kids and doing the dissections. So not only do I get to do one of my favorite things, dissect things, but also teach people about it and all these kids are so intelligent and it’s just an amazing experience,” said junior counselor Laney Toffler.

Camp Program

But it’s not all about the lab work. They have the chance to hear from working professionals like an operating room nurse, and learn about the history of these fields.

“The field trip we had on Wednesday to the International Museum of Surgical Science was really interesting because we were able to see how they did surgical things back then because there was no anesthesia. And all this modern technology,” said student Keith Xin.

A healthy start to a future career.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.