A Few Exercise Options in Naperville

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If you’re looking to pump some iron, anytime of the day, or night, try Planet Fitness.

“Planet Fitness is a judgment free zone, that means we don’t cater to body builders, power lifters. Our focus is on first time gym users. So we create a comfortable gym environment for everyone that walks in the door here,” said Planet Fitness Regional Manager, Luke Schwartz.

Their facility features a variety of machines, cardio equipment and a few pre-made circuits. And it’s a cost-effective option, with a basic memberships starting at $10 a month.

“Every membership comes with unlimited fitness instruction. So our trainers are available to help out anyone that walks in the door,” said Schwartz.

Beyond the traditional gym equipment, the Fort Hill Activity Center offers many additional amenities like a walking track, multiple basketball courts, and childcare.

“What sets the Fort Hill Fitness Center apart is that it’s part of an activity center that services our entire community. So it’s not just a place where you come, workout, you come in, come out and you’re done. There’s a wide range of things to do for your whole family, between the childcare and the Naperville Park District programming options,” said Fitness Coordinator at the Fort Hill Activity Center, Kristina McGrath.

And the park district also has times where they offer free hours to Naperville residents.

Another place with activities for the whole family is the YMCA, which has multiple locations here in Naperville.

For those with injuries, or just looking to shed some pounds in a new way, there is Optimal Health Medical Fitness, which provides individualized workouts, under the care of a physician.

“Everything is personalized, no one walks in here with the same exact exercise, and things are different every time. We have the support staff, including the nurses, doctor that if anyone has any issues or pain or complaints, we can address that right away,” said Dr. Azlan Tariq, Owner of Optimal Health Medical Fitness.

Most workouts involve group circuits, featuring high intensity interval training, which works on getting the heart rate up and bringing it back down repeatedly.

“What that does after the exercise versus after cardio is once you complete your exercise you burn calories for 48 hours,” said Medical Fitness Director at Optimal Health Medical Fitness, Christopher Cichy.

No matter which option is right for you, many are offering specials for the New Year.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.