A Safer Naper Campaign Begins

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The Naperville Police Department is starting the New Year with a resolution, to make Naperville a Safer Naper.

That 2018 campaign is prioritizing educating residents about crime prevention and safety strategies with a different informational theme for every month of the year.

“You’ll see stuff like in the tax season dealing with identity theft, tax fraud, domestic violence. You’ll see things with prescription drug take back, Lock It or Lose It campaign, which is another thing that really spurred this idea to go about. So you’ll see one new theme every month this year,” explained Deputy Chief Jason Arres of the NPD.

Starting off the program’s proactivity is January’s theme: “Resolve to be Safer

“[It’s] kind of just a general message to kick off the program, getting some general safety tips out this month and kind of educating about what the program is as we grow from there,” said Arres.

Community presentations, social media engagement, and press releases will just be some of the ways the community can participate in the year of a Safer Naper.

And you can start getting engaged with the hashtag a Safer Naper. When a safety tip has helped you, post on social media using that hashtag, and you’ll be put into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a Downtown Naperville gift card.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.