A Safer Naper Focuses on Domestic Violence

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This month “A Safer Naper” is focusing on services for crime victims, including domestic violence.

Uptick in Domestic-Related Calls

With the coronavirus outbreak and Governor J.B. Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order, the Naperville Police Department said they are seeing an uptick in domestic-related calls.

“People are stressed out with everything that’s going on, they might have some economic impact adding to their stress. So it really becomes a hot pot for domestic abuse in general, let alone cases where there was preexisting domestic issues,” said NPD Victim Advocate, Gianna Trombino.

What Victims Can Do

So what can victims do at this time? Trombino reminds people that many emergency shelters and 24/7 hotlines are still available. Courthouses will remain open if an emergency protective order is needed.

At home, staying connected to people in your social circle is key and creating a safety plan, which is available on the NPD’s domestic violence resources page on their website.

Trombino assures people that though the “Stay at Home” order is in place, officers are still responding to calls and giving referrals to domestic abuse agencies. And she is still able to assist people with protective orders remotely.

Some victims are afraid to move forward with a report or case because they believe the perpetrator has a mental illness or substance abuse issue.

“There’s a number of court systems in place in both DuPage and Will County that can address issues of mental illness or substance abuse in conjunction with somebody who has committed a crime to potentially get them the help that they need,” said Trombino. “So letting victims know it’s not always that the [perpetrator] will be incarcerated or arrested.”

Services for crimes of sexual assault, stalking, and elder abuse are also available on the NPD website.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.