A Safer Naper: School Safety at Home

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School Safety at Home

This month’s A Safer Naper focuses on building positive partnerships: school edition to provide programs for school safety at home.

Like many, the Naperville Police Department is restructuring some of their programs due to the pandemic.

One way they’re doing that to help out schools is by going virtual.

“So the whole essence is that we’re going to provide this programming to the teachers and they can assign it remotely to their students,” said NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Browning. “And the programs are going to be about 30 minutes per piece.”

Once students review a program, the NPD will then connect with them through Zoom.

“On Your Own” Program

One of those safety programs is particularly timely.

“We do a third grade program, home alone, and we teach students how to be safe when they’re home by themselves,” said Browning. “So with school not being in session now and parents going back to work, they may be having to make some very difficult decisions.”

Keeping important phone numbers at the ready and how to handle emergencies are a couple of topics covered in the “on your own” program.

Internet Safety

Browning also reminds kids and parents about Internet safety since students will start the year with remote learning.

Some safety tips include creating strong passwords, making your social media account private, and only talking to people you physically know.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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