A Safer Naper’s Crime Prevention Tips

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A Safer Naper

This month’s A Safer Naper ties into National Crime Prevention Month.

The Naperville Police Department is encouraging residents to take part in a nationally-known public safety campaign to help prevent burglaries and thefts from their home, cars, or personal property.

Safety Tips

“We’re encouraging our residents to have a 9 p.m. routine, meaning lock their doors, check their exterior lighting, and make sure that they don’t leave any valuables in their vehicles or their vehicles unlocked -whether it’s inside or outside of their house,” said NPD Crime Prevention Specialist Julie Smith.

The NPD advises locking all your home doors, including the service door from your garage to the house.

If you carry any valuables in your car, try to place them in the trunk before reaching your destination. Also, don’t leave keys or the garage door opener in your vehicle.

Recent Break-Ins

These tips are timely, with 11 home break-ins reported on the north side of Naperville since June 20, 2019.

“We have seen a recent uptick of residential burglaries. But really as a whole, Naperville still is a very safe community and it’s really nothing too out of the ordinary comparing to previous year’s statistics,” said Smith.

The NPD believes these are crimes of opportunity, which can be avoided.

In all of the recent break-ins, the burglar gained access through either an open garage door or an open or unlocked patio door.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.