A Safer Naper’s Safety Across All Ages

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A Safer Naper

A new month means a new “A Safer Naper.”

The Naperville Police Department’s September topic is safety across all ages. They’re turning their focus to general tips for keeping the public safe, ranging from precautions while driving to proper use and storage of medicine.

General Safety

In terms of general safety, there’s one thing the NPD believe can be improved all around.

“I think as adults we really need to focus on complacency, not being complacent about safety. We may have driven the same road thousands of times and nothing happened or there was no accident, but the one time where you don’t double check to make sure there’s no traffic or things, might be when that accident occurs,” said Julie Smith, crime prevention specialist at the Naperville Police Department.

No matter how old you are, the NPD wants you to be thinking about safety, to keep you out of harmful situations.

Safety Across All Ages

For kids, that might mean making sure to listen to parents and other authority figures like teachers.

For teens, it means practicing Internet safety and being careful of people they don’t know trying to contact them online.

For seniors, it means being cautious of potential scams, whether through bogus phone calls or emails.

And for everyone, it means taking action when things spark your suspicions.

“We also need to be observant, what’s around you at all times. Are there any suspicious people or suspicious packages where you need to notify law enforcement to come check it out further. If something doesn’t feel right to your instincts, you need to act on it whether that’s getting out of that potentially dangerous situation or calling 911 and letting us handle it,” said Smith.

You can find more advice on how to keep safe on the city’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.