A Walk Through History at the Riverview Farmstead Preserve

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A View Of The Past

History came alive for visitors at the Riverview Farmstead Preserve tour. This piece of history is surrounded by the modern world, but that’s what makes it a special part of Naperville.

“It’s nice to have a little piece of land that’s actually just natural and kind of step back in time to see what life was like when it was a little slower and quieter,” said Jen Guest, Riverview Farmstead Preserve interpretive naturalist.

The group explored the farmstead’s grounds and got a closer look into the farm equipment that was used and household items like a curling iron and leather measuring tape.

The History

Though the land was settled in 1850 as a farm, the most prominent owners were Thomas and Margret Clow who purchased the property in 1858. When they moved in, the settlement house was already there. But, Thomas and Margret built the limestone house and barn. The use of limestone and the brick floors of the barn show a sign of wealth.

“Not every barn had that, a lot of barns had dirt floors so it’s sustained the test of time. I mean it used to be durable and easy to clean but it’s still around today,” said Guest.

Visitors enjoyed getting the chance to get a closer look at the origins of Naperville.

“The names that you see throughout Naperville, the Clows and the Pattersons. It’s neat to see that came from here,” said attendee Mark Molnar

Visitors can also enjoy biking, having a family picnic or kayaking at the preserve.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.