ALDI Opens in South Naperville

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A new ALDI store has joined the Route 59 scene.

Nearly four years in the making, the Route 59 ALDI is complete.

“This property was vacant for a couple of years and we don’t like to see vacant buildings,” said Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico. “So to have them move in and invest in our community, invest in south Naperville I think is great for our residents down here, it’s great for our business district. And we need commerce in south Naperville. South Naperville has struggled to get some of that commerce so this is a beautiful addition.”

At the beginning of the year, the grocery chain moved into the new building in Naperville Crossings that was once slated for a fresh market.

After five months of remodeling, the ALDI was finally ready to welcome the customers of south Naperville.

“But what made this perfect also was the traffic. There’s a lot of traffic here on 59 as we all know. And being able to find a location that could have people come and quickly get in, quickly get out, and get on with their busy life that was what made this area key for us,” explained Division Vice President of ALDI Heather Moore.

The store offers award winning wine, organic produce, and other home goods.

“But specific to here we do have a bakery as well,” added Moore. “So we have product that is baked fresh every day so people can come in and get their donuts in the morning to get them going with their coffee. But they can also get some bread to have with dinner at night.”

This is one of only a few ALDIs in Chicagoland with a bakery.

The Route 59 ALDI will be holding hiring events for part time and full time associates on May 30, June 12, and June 13. More information can be found on the store’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.