Amtrak Shooting Victim Progressing Toward Recovery

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45-year-old Michael Case has been making steady progress and doctors at Edward Hospital are cautiously optimistic about his future.

Dr. David Piazza, the Medical Director of Trauma Surgery at Edward Hospital, says Case should be able to make a full recovery and may even be able to skip a major operation based on his success so far. But he’s not yet in the clear.

“The bottom line, he should be able to eat, he should be able to function, he should be able to work, we’re a long ways away from that, and his condition although fairly stable, could take a turn. A devastating infection or blood clots or pneumonia could still hamper his recovery and even take his life,” said Dr. Piazza.

Case will undergo six to eight weeks of rehab and will eventually have a final surgery in about six to nine months.

His wife Sara is appreciative of the positive support the family has received.

“Both of us want to really say thank you to everyone. All of our family and friends and even people that we don’t know that have reached out to us, and sent cards and messages and just done anonymous gestures and it’s been really, really such a blessing,” said Sara Case.

It’s that positive attitude from family and friends that the doctor says makes just as much as a difference in recovery.

“It’s a pleasure to take care of Mike and his family and they’ve been doing their part, which is just as vital as our part,” added Dr. Piazza.

Case was shot on May 16 while standing on the platform of the Naperville Metra Station. Edward Klein, an irate passenger, allegedly shot through the train window at him, striking Case in the torso.

The 79-year-old Wisconsin man has since been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery and is currently being held on $1.5 million bond.

Klein will appear in court on June 28.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.