Anderson’s Hosts Mike Rowe

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While some people might’ve had one or two “dirty jobs” in their lifetime, Mike Rowe has had almost nothing but.

“Throughout the book Mike, a number of times, you call yourself a ‘B-list celebrity’ I don’t think that’s just you being self-effacing what do you mean by that?” said the event moderator Rick Kogan.

“I mean I’m no longer a C-list celebrity.” Mike Rowe replied.

A Man of Many Talents

Host of “Dirty Jobs” and “The Way I Heard It” podcast, Mike Rowe stopped by Wentz Hall, for a sold out Anderson’s Bookshop event.

Rowe came to town to promote his new book “The Way I Heard It”. The book appropriately shares the same name as his popular short-form podcast, as it’s a written collection of his favorite episodes, stories, and insights from the show.

“The idea of taking 50 stories that I already wrote and slapping them between two tasteful covers and putting them in front of every Barnes & Noble in the world, that seemed like a fairly smart way to approach what you call transactional satisfaction,” said Rowe.

Audience Interaction

Those at the event were treated to not just jokes, but also an in-depth discussion of Rowe’s career in television, photographs and even a Q&A session. Though Rowe was not afraid to ask the audience some questions of his own.

“What does your shirt say?” Rowe asked an audience member.

“It says ‘I love Mike Rowe,’ ” they laughed.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.