Anonymous Donor Partners With Bombas for Hesed House

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“Something as simple as a pair of socks a lot of people take for granted and don’t really understand how much value a clean pair of socks has,” said Lauren Jernigan, division director of development at Hesed House.

Anonymous Donation

An anonymous donor recently helped provide that value to individuals and families at Hesed House.

By contacting Bombas and utilizing their “Giving Back” program, she was able to secure a donation of 500 pairs of socks for the homeless shelter.

Bombas has worked with Hesed House since 2018, but said in a statement they were happy to make this special donation to help the shelter.

Bombas’ Statement

Their statement read, “Through our one-time donation form, we donate to individuals who assist in their local communities by serving at-risk, in-need and homeless individuals. We’re thankful for all the invaluable work that Hesed House does for the Aurora, IL community.”

Hesed House’s Mission

Hesed House has turned their warehouse into another shelter, allowing the organization to provide accommodation while still social distancing. The shelter is the second largest in Illinois, but they still can’t serve everyone.

Donations like this help them with street outreach – providing items like clean clothes and bottled water to those living on the street.

“We’re so grateful for donors like her who understand how important their looking out for Hesed House really is,” said Jernigan. “We’re not able to do the work we do without our community coming alongside us. And when somebody takes the time to remember the folks that we’re serving and to do something like get a big sock donation, that is a huge, huge thing for everyone we serve.”

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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