Antiques Store Opens Above Old Naperville Business

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The Beidelman Furniture store at the corner of Washington and Jackson is one of Naperville’s oldest businesses, opening in 1861.

Being around that long, it’s only appropriate that an antiques business is moving in upstairs.

Finding the Right Fit

“You know, we’ve been approached many times in the past to rent out our third floor, but nothing quite seemed like a good fit,” said Beidelman Furniture Store Manager Katelyn Heitmanek. “But antiques seems like a good fit for us.”

Antiques of Naperville

Eric Jungnickel and Laura Evans hope opening Antiques of Naperville right now will position the business for success.

“I spent a great deal of time at home during COVID, doing those home improvements to your house,” said Evans. “And I think this is a great way for people to take a look around, come see what we have, and add that special little touch to your home décor.”

Sidewalk Sale Showcase

With Downtown Naperville’s sidewalk sales July 31-August 2, it’s a chance for shoppers to get an up close look at what they have to offer.

Laura and Eric are still in the process of setting up their store, but said they’re always open for buyers, sellers, and those just popping in for a peek.

“Something For Everyone”

“You’ll have fun here just looking at the items, and either remembering what they once were in your life or wondering how the heck somebody could even want that in their home,” said Jungnickel. “There’s something for everyone that’s for sure.”

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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