Apartments Might be New Neighbors to AMC Showplace

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More apartments might be coming near Naperville’s AMC theatre.

The planning and zoning commission unanimously approved the rezoning of two in-lots near the AMC Showplace movie theatre on Route 59, from B2 commercial to R3A – medium density residential.

The owner of the lots, First National Bank of Brookfield, requested the rezoning because the lots have been vacant and for sale for over 15 years.

“The location of the lots tells us everything we need to know as to why they sat vacant. They lack visibility and frontage on both Route 59 and 95th Street. For commercial users visibility and frontage is everything,” said Vincent Rosanova, partner with Rosanova & Whitaker Ltd., and legal representative of First National Bank of Brookfield.

They believe residential zoning is better suited for the property and will encourage a developer to come in and pick it up.

But a few residents were concerned about the change in zoning, including District 204 board member Mark Rising. Although he made clear he wasn’t speaking on behalf of the school district, he said medium and high-density residential projects have the biggest impact on schools.

“I don’t know if you’re aware but the student generation coming out of medium and high residential areas is three-to-four times higher than the generation tables that the city has and I’m sure the two school districts would be glad to share those numbers,” said Rising.

But any residential proposal would be a major deviation from the original planned development for the area, necessitating a return to both the plan commission and city council for approval before building can begin.

“I’m going to be extremely picky what goes in there. It’s going to have to go and feel like it was planned in originally to fit this high end shopping, entertainment destination,” said Kamala Martinez, chairwoman of the plan commission.

Naperville Crossings already features one set of apartments, Tapestry Naperville Apartments, which has 298 units and was completed in 2015. They sit just north of the movie theatre.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.