Art is Instrumental at the DuPage Children’s Museum

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Art and music collide in the new exhibit at the DuPage Children’s Museum.

Art is Instrumental brings musical engagement back to the Naperville museum.

“When we did our renovation a couple years ago we lost our music exhibit and we’ve known we wanted to bring it back in because it’s such a valuable interaction for children of all ages and especially our age group. So we did it through this exhibit and we focused on instruments. So every artwork has something to do with an instrument, and then we created instruments, we made different ways for kids to engage in instruments, and you can hear them all behind me,” said DCM Director of Exhibits and Operations, Kim Stull.

From the piano piece “Climbing Keys” to the tech-friendly “Be the Conductor,” there are a wide variety of instruments for kids to experiment with rhythms and sounds.

All the music in the art is instrumental exhibit was composed by Chicago-based audio group “Mind Exchange Music.”

Art is instrumental will be open through 2018 on the second floor of the museum, and by the end of 2019 a second version of the exhibit will be unveiled.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.