At-Home Hobbies Gain Popularity

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Between cold weather and COVID-19 most people are spending a little more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare at screens all day. Hands on activities like tabletop gaming and sewing are making a comeback, and Naperville has plenty to offer for those wanting to roll the dice on a new hobby.

Hobbies From Home

Treasures in downtown Naperville offers games old and new, some are even playable with a group of people during a pandemic.

“We do have a lot of things that are COVID-friendly. We’ve got escape room in a box which is actually the entire experience is right inside a box it’s a lot of fun. We also have jigsaw puzzles which are amazing we’ve got a lot of interesting even solo player games where you don’t have to have as many people, lots of things you can play on Zoom as well. We’ve had people even send escape rooms to their friends and they open up escape rooms on both sides of the camera and they work through the whole process there,” said Michael Kristula, Owner at Treasures.

Stitching Together Activities

But if tabletop games aren’t the missing piece you’re looking for, you could try your hand at sewing. BERNINA of Naperville has take-home quilting kits, complete with online tutorials. They recently restarted their in-person sewing classes for those wanting to learn how to get creative with some crafts.

“It’s relaxing, it’s something you can do in front of the TV without scrolling through Facebook and Instagram on your phone and it builds confidence too. I mean if you feel like you can do this one thing then you keep taking on different challenges and you’re becoming a more well-rounded person honestly,” said Gayle Schliemann Owner at BERNINA of Naperville.

These days it can be a healthy hobby as well, as mask making is a great activity for beginning sewers.

Hobbies Help For Family Fun

Finding an at-home hobby helps fill time, and can bring families together.

“Because people have the time. A lot of people have their children at home and they’re looking for something to supplement the virtual classes,” said

Gayle Schliemann Owner at BERNINA of Naperville.

“I have kids myself I have identical twin six year olds, get them off the screens as much as you can, get to know your kids you know *laugh* that might be the other thing too, a lot happens in conversations and I think that we’re missing a lot of that now especially with so much technology and so little space to go out and explore.” said Michael Kristula, Owner at Treasures.

It seems like there are plenty of ways to keep yourself from getting bored while you’re spending time indoors.

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.


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