Aurora Police Chief Finalist for Chicago Top Cop Job

aurora police chief
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Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman is one of three finalists for the Chicago Police Superintendent job.

In The Running:

She’ll be in the running alongside Ernest Cato, a Chicago Police Department deputy chief, and David Brown, an ex-Dallas police chief.

The three finalists were named today after being chosen by the Chicago Police Board. Their names will be submitted to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her consideration.

Last Police Superintendent Fired:

Chicago has been looking for a new top cop to replace Eddie Johnson, who was fired in December. Mayor Lori Lightfoot accused him of lying to the public, and to her, about an October 17 incident in which he was discovered slumped over in his police SUV with the engine still running.

Though he first claimed he had changed his medication, sources later said he had been out drinking at a restaurant for three hours with a female officer whom he had promoted to his security detail.

Currently the role is being filled by Interim Superintendent Charlie Beck.

More on Ziman:

Ziman rose to national attention last year after the shootings at the Henry Pratt warehouse in February 2019. Five warehouse employees were killed and five Aurora police officers were injured in the incident.

Ziman first joined the Aurora police force in 1994, working in patrol, field training, community policing, and as a domestic violence detective, working her way up to sergeant in 2003. She became a lieutenant in 2008, then a commander in 2008. She was chosen as Aurora police chief in 2016. She now oversees the Aurora Police Department, which is the second largest in Illinois.

First Female If Chosen:

The Chicago Police Board began their national search for a candidate on November 21. Applicants had to fill out a five-page application, meet more than a dozen requirements, and speak about themselves in a video presentation. 25 applications were received.

If she gets the job, Ziman will be the first female to serve in the position.


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