Axe Zone in Naperville

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Axe Zone

You might have used an axe to chop down a tree, or split firewood before, but here at Axe Zone they take it a step further.

“So this is a bigger axe, it’s a 26 inches axe. You hold this with two hands, one on the bottom one on the right. Step like this, go up. Simple,” said Mohsin Ali, owner of Axe Zone.

Ali, opened a new location here in Naperville, and has brought the sport of axe throwing to Ogden Avenue.

“Axe throwing is a new concept, not a lot of people have ever came across axe throwing. Bumper cars, bowling, it’s been there forever. People have seen that, played that so many times. And, the best part of axe throwing is it’s more of an activity,” said Ali

An activity that got its start with our neighbors to the north.

“Axe throwing itself generated from Canada, so when people go to woods, to cut boards and they have a lot of time to kill. What they used to do was instead of just sitting there, they used to throw axes, at the lumber. So that’s how it came up from Canada. It’s like throwing darts. Darts with axes basically,” said Ali.

Axe-pert Throwing

Although that may sound like a dangerous prospect, it’s very regulated and safe. Customers are taught how to properly throw axes, and there are safeguards in place to make sure everyone has an axe-citing, and worry free time.

“So this is the line where you stand, and this is the line we don’t cross because this is the safety line, so we don’t want customers crossing this line, when throwing the axe. So take one step, hold the axe,” said Ali.

The more laid back appeal of having couches and a low-lighting sitting area lets customers enjoy the atmosphere, while they work out some stress.

“I have a very busy, life, what I like about Axe throwing is, I can take my frustration, let’s say it that way, I take my frustration on the wood,” said Ali.

If you think your axe throwing skills are a cut above the rest, you can try out Axe Zone, right here in Naperville. For more information, you can visit their website

Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.