Baby Bison Back at Fermilab

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The baby bison are here – and they’re adorable. The first two calves of the year have been born, and at just two days old, they were already walking around and feeding.

Though they may seem a strange fit for the country’s premiere particle physics laboratory, the bison have become an important part of Fermilab’s own frontier.

“The first ones were brought here in 1968,” said Fermilab Herdsman Cleo Garcia. “They started with two cows and they grew it from there. It’s part of the landscape of Fermilab after 50 years.”

The addition of these two brings the tally of bison at Fermilab up to 20, with 10 to 14 more new calves expected to arrive this spring.

Visitors are welcome to come observe and take pictures of the bison between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., free of charge