Back to Business: How Some Are Gearing Up To Re-Open

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With modifications to the Illinois stay-at-home order taking effect tomorrow, some businesses are gearing up to re-open. Now included as essential businesses are garden centers, nurseries and pet groomers; with non-essential retail stores free to fulfill orders via curbside pickup and delivery.

Adjusting To The Times

The Growing Place Garden Center has been operating at their Aurora location since late March, shifting their operations from an in-person experience to a curbside one.

Gearing Up To Re-Open

They will now be able to have their clients come in both their Aurora and Naperville stores to choose flowers and other items. The garden center is taking extra measures to ensure public health.

“We ended up reducing the number of registers and we put the little credit card machine away from the cashier,” said Becca Masset, manager of The Growing Place in Naperville. “We created a separate entrance and exit section so there’s one way traffic. And we will be labeling the aisles one-way aisles and mark six-foot distances.”

Curbside pickup will still be an option.

Tutorial Videos

Pet grooming salons like The Upscale Tail will also be re-opening. During the last month, the salon has been putting up tutorial videos so pet owners could make sure their furry friends stayed well groomed.

Back To Business

But now that they’re back in business – customers are flocking back, looking for a cut above what they’ve done at home.

“We have 469 appointments that we are rescheduling from March 24 to April 30,” said Kendra Otto, the owner of The Upscale Tail Pet Grooming. “These are just other voicemails. Those are clients who do not actually have an appointment, in addition to the very first spreadsheet I had to create of canceled appointments.”

New Modification To Stay-At-Home Order

The May 1 order also requires individuals to wear a face mask in public indoor spaces, such as stores. Otto says they will turn customers away if they do not abide by the order.

“We do expect our clients to wear a mask,” said Otto. “And if they show up without one they’re going to have to their t-shirt over their face and handle it that way. But we do have the right to refuse service and we will.”

Retail Businesses

Retail stores will be able to re-open to fulfill telephone or online orders via curbside pickup or delivery.

The Downtown Naperville Alliance has created a page on their website with a running list of businesses offering curbside pick-up and delivery. Each store will let customers know the best spot to pull up to pick-up their order.

The Fox Valley Mall announced select stores will re-open and offer curbside pickup.

The new order is a welcome change for shoppers and business, and a step in getting back to our normal lives.

Naperville News 17’ Christian Canizal reports.


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