Bald Eagles Sighting In Naperville

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There’ve been some recent sightings of bald eagles in Naperville.

A couple of Naperville residents spotted the eagles near Whalen Lake and Knoch Knolls Park. And that’s no surprise according to experts from the DuPage County Forest Preserve.

Bald Eagles In Illinois

“So here in Illinois we’re pretty lucky more wintery eagles than anywhere else outside of Alaska in the United States,” said Stephanie Touzain, a naturalist at DuPage County Forest Preserve. “You’re looking for eagles along water ways, bodies of water, rivers, so in Naperville, along the west branch of the DuPage River. [Wood] Dale Grove Forest Preserve is [also] a good option, or anywhere else along that river way.”

Facts About The Raptor

Touzain mentioned that bald eagles are big birds with an average wingspan of about 10 feet, and weighing around 10-15 pounds.

Bald eagles have a reputation of being feisty birds, so if you do come across one its better to do so at a distance because you don’t want to get clipped with its talons or sharp beak.

The Forest Preserve of Will County will have an eagle watch event in the New Year on January third and fourth in Channahon.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.