Best Local Spots To See Leaves Changing To Fall Colors

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It’s officially fall! That means leaves will be changing colors soon.

Spots To See

Some of the best local spots to see the wonderful fall colors are at McDowell Grove and Pioneer Park according to Forest Preserve District of DuPage County’s Manager of Site Operations, Jay Johnson.

“The ideal conditions occur in those areas because they are a nice blend,” said Johnson. “We have some nice woods, we have open prairie, some grasslands, and a nice trail system that kind of winds through each.”

Both sites have benches so if you get tired from walking, riding your bike, or pulling your dog, you can take a five-minute break. Also unique to both spots is the DuPage River, so if you have a kayak you’ll be able to enjoy the view from the water.

Bridges along the path at each site can make for a great spot to capture some photos or videos.

Johnson also highlighted Greene Valley Forest Preserve as a spot you’ll want to visit this fall.

“[Greene Valley] has about 10 miles of trails that wind through that area, and especially if you go to the lot at Greene Road south of 75th [Street],” said Johnson. There’s a lot of oak trees and hickory within that area.”

What makes Greene Valley unique is its scenic overview, and once you drive up the hill you’ll get an incredible view of the forest preserve.

Convenient parking and picnic tables make each spot a top destination as well.

Best Time For Leaves Changing Color

Though it’s still a little too early to see the leaves changing color in all their glory, it won’t take long. Johnson said around October 19 will be the time you’ll see trees like this.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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